Lakewood Title 18 Update


What is being proposed for Lakewood’s Land Use & Development Code?

The Basics

Titles 3 (Revenue & Finance), 12 (Public Works), Title 17 (Subdivisions), and Title 18A are all interrelated portions of the Lakewood Municipal Code (LMC) and are being updated as part of this effort. Most of the changes are included in Title 18A.

Why are the Land Use & Development Code updates being proposed?

Accuracy: ensuring Lakewood Municipal Code (LMC) language is correct, up to date, consistent, and thorough

Brevity: ensuring LMC is streamlined and without unnecessary content

Clarity: ensuring LMC is logical, understandable, and easy to read

Efficiency: ensuring LMC’s structure and language provide for maximum output with optimal effort

What is being proposed?

• Reorganization of current 18A sections & subsections

• Retention of some current 18A language

•Rewrite of some current 18A language

•Elimination/Consolidation of some current 18A sections

•Addition of some new 18A sections

•Incorporation of Administrative Policies into 18A


Get in touch

This website will be kept up to date regarding the 18A update process and public meetings. However, should you have a questions that the website can’t answer, please feel free to contact Tiffany Speir, Special Projects Planning Manager, at


More Details


reasons for types of potential amendments

Update Code Sections

•Come into conformance with new court decisions•Reference Code Regulations with RCWs and WACs•Incorporate room for new ideas and land use types not currently in use.

Improve Readability

•Reorganized chapters•More charts & tables•Better Land-Use Typology

Enhance Permitting Predictability

•No Administrative Use Permit•Clarify requirements

Increase Accountability

•Permit processing procedures clearly outlined•More transparency: deadlines, review, authority


Potential Substantive Changes To:

-Zoning Districts

-Site Planning & Development Standards

-Updated Park and Open Space Set Asides for New Development

-Mobile Home/Manufactured Home Parks Regulations

-Military Zones, Uses and Regulations

-Allowed Locations of Essential Public Facilities

-Small Cell Wireless Regulations (new section)

-Sign Code (pending adoption of new sign code by Council)

NO Potential Substantive Changes To:

-Location, Uses, Regulations in R1-R4 Zones

-Short Term Rental Regulation (i.e., Airbnb, etc.)

-Regulation of Animals

-Tree Preservation


-Housing Incentive Programs

-Standard Wireless Telecommunications Facilities