Lakewood Title 18 Update


Here are the latest draft changes to Lakewood Municipal Code (LMC) Title 18A.

The Planning Commission held a second study session on the Titles 3, 12, 17, and 18A updates on Wednesday, August 21. You can view the meeting video here - the description about the 18A update begins at 19:10 and there is a good summary of the big, substantive changes to the code starting at 34:45.

click here for the august 21 planning commission meeting packet and PPT.

Click here to view draft Title 3, 12, 17, and 18A language reviewed at the august 7 Planning Commission meeting.

Click here to view the Powerpoint Presentations provided on August 7.

Click here to view materials from the June 18 Stakeholder meeting.

You can view the materials from the February 20 Planning Commission meeting, where Chapters 18A.10, 18A.20, and 18A.30 were reviewed, here.

Click on the dates to view materials from January 10 and January 11, 2019 Stakeholder meetings


Title 18A Sections

august 7 PLanning Commission Meeting Package

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June 18 stakeholder meeting materials

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18A.100    wireless services facilities

Please see City Ordinance 703 for the WSF interim controls. The City Council will renew the interim controls in July since the full Title 18A package will be considered in late 2019 by the Council for adoption.

18A.110    signs

The City Council adopted a sign code that went into effect July 3, 2019. This language will be incorporated into the full Title 18A package when it is presented for action by the Council.